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Friday, 15 May 2015

LGPotL Video Trailer - Just Released!

New, remastered, updated an' unimproved 'director's cut' of the old LGPotL trailer vid that we put out there to plug the ol' comic book back in the day. Now, it's been fiddled about with a bit an' pressed into service to promote our Kindle eBook edition. Here it is, kidz....kinda' cunningly tellin' the start o' the whole story in pictures, to our very own 'Ry Cooder with half his fingers sawn-off'-style slyde guitar soundtrack...

In other news, the Dawg recently took possession of a small stack of classic, obscure and generally pretty quirky 70s sexploitation DVDs, so expect a bunch of new reviews of them to come in the near future.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Gonzo Goes to Goodreads..

That's right folks, we's just signed up to the site where folks discuss books, writers 'n all that shiz. Sure, it gets kind of highbrow at times but there's a place there for everyone, even lowbrow freakazoidal 'toon merchants like us...

Here's where we're at: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7479883.Gonzo_Dawg

If you're a member, drop us a line, an add or somethin' just to say 'howdy'.

We got both our current titles up there - LGPotL and Crackerz! - and we're hopin' to add somethin' else before too long. So stay toon'd...

Monday, 16 March 2015

Old Stuff 'n New Stuff...


The Dawg's back on this here very blog again after too much time devoted to real life, and other stuff like that we won't bore yez with.

Anyway, we've noticed lately that our Amazon Kindle compo of Crackerz! has gotten a couple of pretty darn good reviews so far up there. So after a bit of thought we've decided to get a second volume out there. Thing is, we'll have to write 'n draw 'em all first but we got plenty of ideas left over from the first series - we always hoped there'd be a second series, and you guys' feedback has convinced us. So look out!

In da meantime, we's also offern' the first compilation totally damn free. And it's currently #1 in the free Kindle charts in the Comics > Erotica section. WTF? Anyway, it's cool. So grab a freebie while ya can! Here's the link.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

'Crackerz!' Gets Crunchy on Kindle

Hey kidz,

Our 'Crackerz!' Kindle eBook has found an enthusiastic reader over on Amy-zone dot com. They were cool enough to leave us a l'il review of the thing, too.

And by the way, the book is currently on free special offer...so grab a gratis copy now while you can!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Gonzo Film Reviews: Vampire Ecstasy

 Vampire Ecstasy: directed by Joe Sarno ('74)

We thought it was about time we started sharing some more of our views on the dozens of dodgy DVDs which fill up space here chez Gonz.

The star of this one is blonde sexploitation superstar Marie Forsa, probably best known for her Swedish X-rated romps like Flossie. Not surprisingly, it's fair to say that Marie gets most of the best adult scenes in this one, and she does look pretty damn fine too.

As a mid-70s Euro horror (ostensibly) about vampires, you'll come into this one armed with a checklist. And you won't be disappointed. Tune in to be guaranteed:

 - sumptious Central Europe location shooting
 - big creepy crumbly castle as the main focus for the action
 - creepy retainers of said castle "welcoming" innocent guests
 - horse-drawn transport, even though this is clearly the 1970s
 - a notorious ancestral figure who still exerts her curse
 - lots of random wandering around outside, usually at dusk or dawn, by hot young chicks in (and out of) their nightdresses.

The story is pretty basic, involving the previous occupier of the castle, Baroness Varga. She seemed to have Bathory's taste for slurping the red stuff out of any female she came upon, and through her possessed and Satanic servants, and the innocent guests who come to the castle, she hopes to return to life one day very soon.

This being Forsa, the relationships and sexual psychology are a bit more than you'd normally get in a Euroschlock Hammer Horror rip-off. Lesbian couplings and taboo brother/sister lusts all play their part here.

Marie Forsa gets cursed and is forced to masturbate herself endlessly until she does the gothic housekeeper's bidding for her in a ploy designed to disarm the hot female doctor (who in turn has the hots for her brother) of her protective garlic cross.

As far as vamp flicks go, there's very little actual seductive blood-lapping, so if it's blood and fangs you're looking for, look elsewhere. Although what you may not expect to see is a chick stripped naked by bats, and horny topless serving women in Princess Leia slave outfits chanting in German to keep the evil Baroness's spirit alive. The dubbing is pretty dire, not even of the 'so bad to be funny' variety, and is pretty drab and monotone throughout - but at least it does the job. Technically, we were a tad disappointed to see the film wasn't letterboxed and therefore the full scope of Sarno's camerawork and his locations can't be fully appreciated. But maintaining a full frame ratio didn't reduce Marie's contribution any, we're glad to report.

There's prob'ly not much more we can say about this one - we reckon Sarno is kinda' like Marmite. You either dig him or you don't, whether or not you accept his influence in the sexploitation genre. This one's slow but it's also kind of arty with it. The sexy scenes take a while to get going too, and are never as full-on (or full-frontal) as, say Franco, but for all that you're still left with the impression that you've seen something just a little more classy than you may have expected.

We give this one a generous 5. Definitely worth a look, and we reckon we'll even look at it again some time, as the film does conjure a pretty effective haunting, brooding atmosphere that may well linger in your consciousness long after the end credz.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

4th July 'Last Gas' Gonzo Giveaway

 As a special treat for the 4th July - we're pimpin' our latest piece o' paper-free publishing as a FREE download for all Kindle freaks. So celebrate Indy-pennance Day by grabbing yer copy!

Only thru' the 4th, mind.

Get it here.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Gonzo Gets Facebooked

Yep, we finally did it and just signed up to that social  netwhatsit everyone's been saying we should be a part of.

This is where we are. Got it?

Feel free to contribute, post, or whatever the damn hell you folks do on there. Sure we'll find out pretty soon.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

'Last Gas Pump' Quickie Freebie - Catch it While Ya Can!

Yup, to celebrate the recent launch of the re-booted 'Last Gas Pump' eBook on Kindle, we're givin' the chance to grab a copy for free - for 1 day only.

Available thru' the 1st June for psycho-loving digital downloaders everywhere.

Grab yours here!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Yes, Yes Y'all...Bonnie Hart is Back!

Ahoy kidz!

We got some burnin' news for y'all. Some brand new GD product has just been unleashed upon the world...and where else, but over at the big website named after a chick with one tit. Hell, we ticked all the boxes, we kept our language out of the hardcore territory which blew Ms. Hellmann's book off the Kindle digital shelves, and seem to have managed not to get our asses banned again...which, given the subject matter, could've been pretty easy (though we are a bit surprised it hasn't been classed by them as an 'adult item' - how many freakin' F-bombs do we need to drop to get that status?!)

Kept that one quiet, didn't we? Well, truth is, we only decided to kick this one off last week. And now it's out there.

What is?

The complete, unadulterated (mostly) prose edition of the very first Gonzo Dawg product we ever conceived, about 7 whole years ago. Our grindhouse splatter parody to end all grindhouse splatter parodies (well, 'til the next one comes along, at least...when is that gonna be again, Mr. Zombie?)...

The Last Gas Pump on the Left.

It started life as a comic book, on Drunkduck.com.  Then we kinda' lost it, because we just couldn't get away with drawing it the way we really wanted it to look, and after a while we started puttin' the first and only issue, page by page, up on this very blog type thang for free, because that was all there was ever gonna be.

But this past week, we found the old scribbles and decided that Bonnie Hart deserved a reboot, so we got writin' to tell her whole story, and the blood-drenched mayhem which occurs around her, and the eponymous gas pump.

So check it out. Right here, right now.

We'll continue putting those comic book pages up online now, 'cuz we kinda' forgot about that (what with everything else we've been doing lately).

Like Bonnie, Gonzo D will prevail!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Gonzo Dawg's Doo-Dah Banned!

Oh, if only this post was as funny as the title!

No, seriously, kidz. It seems that Amazon took a dislike to the more adult aspects of Ms Hellmann's sexy stripper novel, and pulled it from sale completely - damn near killin' our whole account off in the process.

Despite the fact that their own Ts & Cs state, regarding offensive material: "What we find offensive is about what you would expect."


I mean, I find stuff like child abuse offensive. You know, sick, twisted, evil shiz that shouldn't be allowed. Not descriptions of sexy stuff that adults do with each other every single freakin' minute of the day around the world.

If this is how it's gonna be, then they're gonna be very busy over at chez Amazon, pulling all those barely-legal, rape, BDSM, incest, kidnap etc titles that seem to fill up the kinky end of the erotica spectrum over there - the main reason why we recommended the KDP platform to Ms H. in the first place.

So, that was that. We've advised Ms H. to try her luck elsewhere as her book deserves it, though whether our full-colour graphic art will follow her story, is something only her future publisher can decide.

Signin' off, otherwise I'll be ranting here all freakin' week.