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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Nieves Navarro - Emanuelle & the Last Cannibals

Ya gotta hand it to the Italians. They made exploitation 'n splatter films like nobody else on the planet, before or since. Hell, even their art movies are sick as hell (Pasolini's 120 Days, Satyricon, etc.?), and who else could possibly have come up with the 'cannibal genre', surely the acid test for any wannabe movie gorehound or splatter fan? F'sure, Ruggero Deodato holds the Big Bad Emperor crown, but we think ol' uncle Joe D'amato must've still had a lotta fun with his soft porn/cannibal crossover jungle adventure, Emanuelle & the Last Cannibals AKA Trap Them and Kill Them! (You can tell this is one of the 'bootleg' Emanuelle movies which had no association whatsoever with the Sylvia Kristel classic, since it only has one 'm' in the name).

We just love that alternative title too.  Unlike most other entries in the cannibal genre, there's no disgusting slaughter of native wildlife (we really don't dig that kinda thing - we reckon human actors can do whatever they like in front of a camera to earn their bread, but we draw the line at real killing for entertainment), so it's kind of a 'cannibal lite' effort, suitable for the novice. And any movie which features the natural redhead class of Nieves Navarro (AKA Susan Scott) in some of the hottest stuff she ever did this side of Orgasmo Nero gets our vote. Plus there's the ubiquitous Laura Gemser for y'all to gawk at too, and she always had real problems keeping her bra on at the best of times.

But this post is devoted to the awesome (and we reckon, sadly under-used) Ms Navarro in her final scene, which in its uncut form is still pretty damn harsh, despite some not-so-special effects. She might have had a silicone boob job but we don't care. Respect is due to this fine lady for having the balls to pull this one off so convincingly, and we can barely hope to do justice to her great canny-ball scream queen moment.

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