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Friday, 15 May 2015

LGPotL Video Trailer - Just Released!

New, remastered, updated an' unimproved 'director's cut' of the old LGPotL trailer vid that we put out there to plug the ol' comic book back in the day. Now, it's been fiddled about with a bit an' pressed into service to promote our Kindle eBook edition. Here it is, kidz....kinda' cunningly tellin' the start o' the whole story in pictures, to our very own 'Ry Cooder with half his fingers sawn-off'-style slyde guitar soundtrack...

In other news, the Dawg recently took possession of a small stack of classic, obscure and generally pretty quirky 70s sexploitation DVDs, so expect a bunch of new reviews of them to come in the near future.

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