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Monday, 8 June 2015

New 'Crackerz!' In Progress...

That's right, y'all...we mentioned this a while back an' now we're well on the way towards offerin' yez a second whoppin' volume of Crackerz! madcap retro 80s mayhem. Over 25 pages done 'n dusted so far, and plenty more in the pipeline - so look out for Crackerz! 2 - the Sequel!! sometime in the second half o' this year (that's 2015 for them what ain't too sure, and we'll tell ya - neither are we, sometimes).

An' just to whet yer appetite, here's a free sample from some of the strips we've been workin' on so far. And yes, the accident-prone Snowi Hills returns - and her boobs are bigger than ever.

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