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Friendly warning: most of this stuff is adult content. So if ya don't like it, don't look at it. No, really. We don't sniff around pages we don't like, so don't hate - just stay calm 'n carry on. Have a nice day!

Other Cool Sites We Like

Other Cool Sites We Like
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Styx Rivers: Toons of Darkness and Evil

Mwuh ha ha!
Styx is a bro' who does toons like the rest of us, but with a dark, sinister and sometimes downright evil attitude! Check out some of our faves from him below. He also has merchandise available at Etsy, so if ya really like his stuff you can wear it, too. We especially dig the Lizzy Bathory T-shirt.

He even has his own black metal band. How cool - or even, cold - is that. You can also download and listen to tunes right here. Friendly note: Remember, all work that follows is copyright (c) Styx and appears on the Gonzo Dawg site by express permission of the artist. You can check out more of his stuff over at his Deviantart.com page.

And if ya like what lies beneath, be sure to check out Page 2 of Styx's gallery here!

Devils and Demons

Angel Rat Zombie

Bring Out Your Dead

Hell Unfolds


Metal McBrain

Satanic Confederam

Pumpkin Man

The Power of Hell

Space Girl

Witch Kult

Demon Chicks

Elizabeth Bathory T Shirt design

The Pumpkin Patch Bunch

Hello There...


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