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Crackerz! The strip the 1980s Forgot!

The pinheads in full-on gonzo mode...

Welcome to the Gonzo 'Crackerz!' lowbrow adult webcomic portal. What follows may well be tasteless, weird, funky, filthy, smutty, bizarre and like, totally way out, man. Due to its nature we don't recommend anyone under age 18 proceed further. Hell, probably nobody under the age of 30, for that matter...

The DIY 'Crackerz!' soundtrack album. *Music not included.

A bunch of losers hang out in the Californian town of Santa Floss, circa 1984.

Meet the Pinheads

In the days before internet porn, mobile phones, iPads 'n iDon'tcares, folks had to make up their own amusement. These four lousy representatives of the previous century go about this task in various ridiculous and increasingly grotesque and bizarre ways. 

Larry 'Beachbug' Barville

Landlord of the Casa Masa beach house, Larry perpetually views himself as the unluckiest man alive. He's wrong, of course; he's just one of the saddest men alive, not helped by his continued and increasingly desperate attempts to persuade his friend Helen to show even the vaguest hint of romantic interest in him. Most likely to: fall under a bus on his way to collect a winning lottery ticket. In a word: crumpled.

Pete 'Pinky' Pinkus

Pinky is a 300-pound pile of heavy metal-loving, comic book-reading, video game-addicted fun. Pinky throws his weight around to Twisted Sister and KISS records, thereby providing the inescapable soundtrack to Larry's life of perpetual misery. Most likely to: die of whiplash at a Black Sabbath reunion concert. In a word: BIG.
Helen 'Fort' Knox

Given her nickname by Larry on account of her total and utter failure to recognise his repeated advances towards her, Helen's absent-mindedness and general inability to comprehend reality have made her the butt of blonde jokes even by her fellow blondes. Most likely to: walk into a brasserie and ask for a 36DD cup in white satin. In a word: blonde.

Seymour 'Eezy' Goldenrod

A genuine lover of life and cheerleaders (whether actually real women or just dressed that way), Seymour is the other tenant of Larry's beach house, and routinely gets up his landlord's nose like a cloud of black pepper. Most likely to: die of an AIDS-related illness in the early '90s after a prominent hardcore porn career. In a word: mmmmmmm.

Expect lots of big hair, obsolete fashion accessories and bucketloads of obscure pop-culture references! Strictly for audiences aged 35 and over!

"Crass! Tasteless! Moronic!" -and that's just what the writer of this comic thinks of it! Inspired by endless viewings of ‘National Lampon’ movies, and pictures such as ‘Stripes’ and ‘Porky’s’ , in 1986, the artist embarked on his own comic-strip version of these madcap anarchic capers but without the worldly knowledge to really make the effort work (being only 14 at the time is a reasonable excuse). The idea was to submit the works to MAD magazine, something the editors of that esteemed journal are no doubt glad they escaped.

All art & writing is (c) Gonz, though he'd much rather have blamed someone else for it. This webpage is 100% recyclable, and built entirely from doodles made by the artist when he should've been doing more useful things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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